Monday, August 17, 2009

Jolly Time

Whewwwwww-Wheeeeeeeeee Dawgs! This weekend sure was a scorcher in my part of the world! I don't know about you, but I sure am missin' those cold northern winds and the icy cold of frozen grass on my undercarriage. Even as a pup, the snow and cold never kept me from enjoyin' the great outdoors.

This picture is from my "Got Snow?" campaign. Just lookin' at it cools your sun beaten brow, now doesn't it?

Ya know, when the mercury starts hittin' that 90 degree mark, my love of nature battles with my love of air conditioning. For safety's sake, I keep my surveillance duties to a minimum. As it is the stampede of bugs invading our home who are also trying to find relief from the blazin' sun have kept me entertained and busy. I must admit, they do not offer the satisfaction of a groundhog but they will suffice till the temperature drops to a more reasonable level. To that note I will add that the times I have been out on a search and destroy mission have not been very successful. I believe the groundhog community is also suffering from heat exhaustion and are confining themselves to their naturally air conditioned caverns.

As any of you who have been following my life happenings know, I have a love of corn, and the corn fields surrounding my humble abode offer the pleasure of a 24/7 corn buffet. In this picture from last fall, you can plainly see my joy as I gorge myself like a pig in well, you know.....................

.............uh, mud! Yeah, that's it, mud. Anyway, not to brag but I can clean a corn cob off in a very short time but am not always meticulous about makin' sure I get every last kernel. I mean, why should I waste time with bits and bites when I can easily go back for another full cob? And I do. Time after time. Day after day. Couple that with the fact that Mom and her shovel are more concerned about removing the mini-me's from the grass than they are about getting every undigested kernal. After awhile the yard begins to yellow with the abundance of leftover golden snack size kernels.

This Saturday started out much like any other. Breakfast. Watchin' Mom as she rids the carpet of my fine brown locks. Eatin' a bug. Stealin' a flip-flop. Paper shredding. You know, stuff a dog does to kill time while watching 2 leggers work their butts off. And just watchin' their activity will tire a dog out. So, as the sun climbed high into the sky Saturday, I decided that I needed some fresh air and sprawled out under one of the large maple trees in our back yard. Their tent-like covering offered some relief from the blazin' heat. My eyelids became heavy. I decided to go with it and refresh myself with an afternoon snooze.

I began to dream of Truffles and I workin' in the kitchen, laughin' together as we skewered chunks of groundhog meat. I then grilled the kabobs while she used her culinary skills to create a heavenly gravy in which we drowned our perfectly sizzled meat. My dream was progressing to the point of havin' a gravy filled Truffles for dessert, but was abruptly changed as my ears alerted me to the sound of distant fireworks. As they became louder and clearer I began to awaken and realize that the sounds were real and not a part of my dream. As I yawned and rubbed my paws across my eyes to bring me back to reality, I began to focus on the scene in front of me.

To my amazement, the intense heat of the sun had burst my leavin's and had the surrounding area alive and popping. White puffs of light fluffy goodness covered the green grass marking the territories that I had previously navigated. As I observed the popped kernels, it came to mind that this must be what Orville Redenbacher's yard must look like.

That's when I saw Mom step outside.

Chester's Mom: What in the world? This yard looks like the lobby of the movie theatre after a Hannah Montana Film Fest. Got something to tell me?

Chester: Maybe if you woulda used that sweeper thingy to suck up all my corn leavin's this wouldn't have happened.

Chester's Mom: That "sweeper thingy" is not meant for sucking corn out of the grass. It is for indoor use only.

Chester: Well, then. If you don't like the looks of this, I guess you're gonna have to start pickin' up all my leftover kernels by hand.

Chester's Mom: I don't think so!!!

Chester: Then I guess you better go get the salt shaker and melt some butter. It's Jolly Time!

Happy Monday! Hope there's a jolly week in store for all of you!
Chester :0=)


Budrow Wilson Spain said...

Chester you always amaze me with the glorious life you live! How fun is a popcorn filled yard! WhooHoo it Jolly Time!

Life With Dogs said...

Oh Chester, I always knew you were corny! ;)
Now that you have added popcorn to your Truffles temptation repertoire, there will be no stopping her. There is a cartoon cutout hole in the living room wall that she just smashed through on her way to PA.

I'm thinking you are very much qualified for an Orville style bowtie...see if your two-legger can photoshop one on to you!

Kori said...

ok, I love the Jolly time, but your pictures just REALLY caught me today. From your puppy picture that I wish I could have just held you and let you smother me in puppy slobers to the pic of you laying in the field. You look so grown up, smart and handsome! From precious to stunning in no time!!

Unknown said...

oh Chester!
That was so funny :)

NAK and The Residents of The Khottage Now With KhattleDog! said...

Oh yes!

The Xterra temp on the I81 Freedom Trail was 90+ both days with lots of haze khovering the western range of hills -

She kept looking fur woo - I guess your post explains why she missed woo!


Holly said...

Dear Mrs Chester & Brownie

This was great fun! Oh, and that first picture of you? You were/are adorable.

Hey, with this latest issue of skin problems etc...have you ever considered that Chester may, in fact, have a corn allergy? Should it be something to check?

Martha said...

Hi Chester
We loved your pictures! How adorable are you!
The snow picture was amazing - especially in August!
That was a very funny post - we thought it very cool that you had corn growning in your garden!
Thank you for making us smile.
Martha & Bailey xxxx

Nika + PARKER said...

That sounds exactly like my Saturday morning - the flip flop stealing, paper shredding + of course that sweeper always zooms around with it too!

D.K. Wall said...

We loved it all, but that first picture. Something about it. Oh yeah - SNOW.

YD, sometimes with ♥June and ♥Angel Samantha said...

We love eating corn too!

Love that first pic of the snow, looking at it really cool us down. It's been so hot out.

Sam & June

Sally said...

Well, I would like to have some kind of snow here too. It's so hot, you have got no idea and damp 85% wooooooooooo. Just on the floor the whole day long, or watching your pictures
nice wuuuh

Cocorue said...

hiya Chester, bring me some snow please as you've no idea how heat and humidity THROUGHOUT the year can shrink you.......

mumster likes snow (" untrodden girl.." she yells from behind my ears, yeeeouch...)and i've yet to lick some ( besides the ice tray)

you always bring a smile to my teeny face.....

hey i had to get a beefy hunk to protect me from THAT Eagle as i couldn't find you and you weren't answering your cell...

next time, jump when i yelp,k?
chikisses as i still prefer yoo,

Stella said...

Hey Chester!

You don't happen to be a relative of Paul Bunyan, do you? He liked to tell whoppers to!



Pee-ess By the way, the snow picture must mean that you like to stick your snooter in the snow like I do. You got that ring around the nose snow.

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