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Friday, November 15, 2013

Seven Years and Still Rockin' my Brown

 Seven years ago today, the groundpiggehs in my neck o'the woods had no idea  that their werld was about to change ~
and not in a good way.

I killed my first piggeh before I was one.

Since then, there's been lotsa huntin'…..
…..and tons of mangled stuffies for practice.

Not to mention all the nomalicious foodables…..
…..and wet & wild times
that help me keep fit & trim.

It all adds up to
SEVEN years of havin'

Woofs and Birthday Cake Slobbers,
Chester  ;-)

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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Where In the Werld??? Wednesday

It has recently been brought to my Big Brown attention that it's been one whole year since I posted to this blog. This information came to me via my Labradork friend, Pea (aka:Dexter). Seems I was unaware of a fan that I had in Chester from Winnipeg who visited frequently and due to my absence, has been concerned as to my whereabouts.

Well, let me tell ya - I'm still livin' life to the fullest measure and causin' all the trouble for my PUs that I can. Trouble is, my editor and publisher (aka: Mom) has had her hands full with family health issues that have prevented her from documentin' my adventures. As much as I would love to keep my toes in the bloggin' werld, my perfection tendencies will not allow me to do a half <cough> job  post anything less than what I consider to be top-notch. I've always been a "full-tilt or nuthin'" kinda dawg.

That bein' said (No, I have not been gone so long that I've forgotten that I'm not supposed to say anythin' today. Call me a rebel if you will), I am gonna hold a bizness meetin' and see if I can get her offa her lazy bum  just take over and do it my ownself from time to time.

I DO miss keepin' up with all the bloggin' friends that I made, and it saddens me that I've lost touch with so many great dawgs and their 2 leggers. I hope you are all well and havin' FUN. 

***And, Thank-You - Chester from Winnipeg for your concern. I am not werthy of such adoration. OK, mebbee a little but.................NAH! - I was just pullin' your tail there. BOL!!!

Woofs and slobbers,
Chester ;-)

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