Monday, January 25, 2010

Take a Hike

That's exactly what me and my PUs decided to do on Saturday when the sun began to shine and the thermometer topped off at over 50 degrees by early afternoon. We headed to one of our favorite local spots in the mountain called Cowans Gap. As Dad pulled into the parkin' lot I took note that the lake had a magical quality to it but I was too busy barkin' instructions on how to park to think much about it. I'll get back to the lake later.

Once out of the truck, we headed toward the other side of the lake. It was lookin' better and better all the time. This is the trail we found back in September and I was allowed to run free and untethered to a cumbersome 2 legger. My heart began to beat faster and my nostrils began to flare in anticipation of the impendin' freedom. As I saw Dad pull my electronic bling out of his pocket I very obediently sat while he slipped it onto my neck. I really don't mind this bling because rarely do my PUs need to push the attention getter button anymore because I have gained their trust in the return department. It's only for what they consider to be emergencies like eatin' wild poo or rollin' in aromatic dead carcasses. As much as I love to do that, I will forego those small pleasures just for the opportunity to run hither and yon to my heart's content.

Now this part is specifically aimed at you 2 leggers. Runnin', smellin' and investigatin' is what every dog should get the chance to do frequently. As much as I like the pleasantries of a comfortable abode, the chance to run freely the way my ancestors did creates brain activity and stimulation like no other enterprise I know. Let me show you the results of a recent scientific study:

Red line shows brain activity while on a normal walk tethered to a 2 legger.
Brain is engaged and interested but not what it is capable of.

In comparison, the brown line shows a dog unleashed.
I don't think I need to point out the difference between the two.

Still don't get it? I know, that was a little technical so maybe this will make it easier to understand. This is my wheaten colored Scottie friend, Rory B. Frock.
This first picture shows a typical day for Rory.

This picture shows a recent trip to a beach where he was
released on his own recognizance.

Now if you can't see the importance of allowin' your canine
to stretch his legs by the smile on Rory's face,
I'm done with you and you probably shouldn't have a dog anyway.

Now that I've hopefully shown you the importance of free range canines, I'll show you some pics from my outing. I've taken too much of your time already so I'll keep the rest of the narrative short.

Trail blazin'

Decidin' if I should wade in slowly or do a cannonball.

Come on in Mom, this stream is so cool'!!!

I didn't know what this was but I quickly
lost interest when it didn't show any sign of life.

Dad said it was a possum. R.I.P little possum.

As we continued on our merry way,
I learned that possums are experts at playin' dead.
I will remember that next time little possum.

A couple of deer lookin' for their evenin' meal.

Now I see why the lake looked magical. It was a huge ice cube.
If I didn't have to be back on this leash I woulda showed
you a double or triple axel. Maybe next time.

Mom and I bein' a couple of Ice Posers.
I was afraid the ice cube was gonna melt 'cuz I was lookin' so hot.

I am so glad my PUs both agree that I need to get out
and stretch my long, brown legs on a regular basis.
I can't imagine why when all I wanna do is sleep when I get home.

Well, that's my story and I'm stickin' to it.
Monday is here and it's time for all you 2 leggers to stop
free rangin' and get tethered to your jobs.
Not to worry though, us dawgs will hold down the fort at home.

Chester ;0=)


Life With Dogs said...

I don't think we've ever hit those kind of brainwave peaks Mr. smarty! And to answer your question: always go with cannonball.
Superb adventure, and I'd be willing to bet that possum was acting on the advice of local groundhogs...

Mango said...

Thanks, Chester, we did our walkies today like we were supposed to. My undercarriage got really dirty. What fun.

That giant ice cube seems like it would be great fun. I bet you have good moves on the ice.


Cocorue said...

ahuh Chester, relax as we don't want you having a heart attack....those ARE dangerous peaks!!!!

TQ for the walkie and you SURE looked hot on the ice - i guess self praise is true praise huh???

i'm glad it was not thin ice you were posing on as there's NO way i could've retrieved you if you had fallen in.....

chikisses to my hottie

Andrea said...


You have worn us out! Looks like lots of fun. Hope your mom and dad are doing well, too!

Woofs and Wags,

Miley said...

Wow, no wonder your sound asleep!!! Sounds like you had a blast, love the pics!!

lotsa licks,

Elysa, Dixie and Grace said...

Chester, looks like you had a glorious time! Glad the ice didn't melt under all that hot chocolate!!

Samantha said...

Wonderful hike, Chester - you certainly exercised those neurons heheh! Love the eastern woods and you certainly do look hot on that monster ice cube - didja try any triple axles??? Thanks for all the info!
Hugs xo

karenharrisonbinette said...

Thanks for taking us all along on your outing, Chester. Now, since I am nominally a girl, resulting in the fact that, for me, math and science are hard, thanks for including the Rory graphs (photographs). They made much more sense to me than the ones with the lines and squiggles.

Holly said...

Dear Chester & Mom:

Rory is thrilled to be part of your science lesson for the two leggers and says he wishes that you and he had a chance to funrun together...although he's certain that he wouldn't be able to keep up with you.

That and to tell you that he loves you both.

Rory's Mum

Martha and Bailey said...

Chester, many thanks for doing the scientific research into this matter.
Of course we have been arguing with our humans that we have been bred over centuries to follow scents.
Sometimes for days..........
Now they don't like this cos they can't keep up although our short legs were to ensure that we kept at a two legged pace.
We are glad that you were able to get back to your original state on your hike.
We are impressed!
We have been grounded or rather leashed since our last combined effort to track a couple of little baby deer.
love and kisses
Martha & bailey xxx

The Thundering Herd said...

The chart makes absolute perfect sense to us, but since we are a breed that totally does not understand the "come here" concept, our running free is restricted to in harness pulling a sled. But then those squiggly lines go wacko. Trust us on this one.

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Mom has been there but she's nevFUR taken me there!

Did woo smell any bears? Or see any Bear Rokhkha?

I khompletely understand the graphing - I had one of those days on Saturday too - Mom kept saying something about insane khrakhker dog - I had to remind her I'm a SIBERIAN!

I'm sure woo had a pawesome time!

PeeEssWoo: My word is DOGEDECO!

The OP Pack said...

What a great walk you had and that spin on the ice must have been wonderful. Sadly we are in the same predicament as the Thundering Herd. We just don't seem to heed that return call, so Mom never chances it. Luckily we have a big yard to run in and get our brain waves going. We even got some of those silly possums in our yard.

Woos, Phantom and Thunder

Pedro said...


Let me start by saying thank you for visiting my mom & I after we lost Ziggy. It was so nice to hear from you and it helped us not be quite so sad. Second, I love the new look of your blog! I don't know how long you've had it this was because we haven't been out in the blogosphere much, but it really looks great! Third, I've seen those possums lookin' like that and they AIN'T dead! If they don't stink with flies and bugs on 'em, stay away. We have a giant possum that likes to come and eat at our stray cat kitchen. My dad has relocated several but there always seem to be more on the horizon. Go figure. My mom says she's jealous that you have magical ice on your lake. Everything is already thawed here even though it's still been cold. Most of our water is something called "brackish" and I guess it doesn't freeze that well. Personally, I don't give a cat's tail about ice!


Sagira said...

Looks like you had a great time.
Can't wait for next time to see that great flip on the ice!

Budrow Wilson Spain said...

Chester dude you need to have your two-legger talk to my two-legger about the collar! I am tired of being tethered to her for walks!

Benny and Lily said...

What a great hike. You were even ice skating. Those possums are tricksters at playing dead. Oh my..brain activity looks a little more peaceful while on your leash..BOL
Nitey nite
Benny & Lily

Bruce said...

Looks like loads of fun Chester...especially all those critters you found!
your cat pal,

Madi and Mom said...

Chester what a great post!!!!
I'm a cat but I appreciate the look at your great outdoor adventure.
Madi and Mom

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