Monday, December 21, 2009

Snow Job

So you wanna be a snow dawg, aye?

Let me tell you, it's not all fun and games and unless you've been livin' under a rock you probably heard that much of the East coast got slammed with snow this weekend. We're not on the coast but here in south central Pennsylvania we still got over 12" of the white stuff. This kept me very busy supervisin' the PUs in their snow removal efforts. When you get dumped on this hard, everybody needs to do 110%.  Not only did I supervise but I also jumped in and helped in the task of icicle removal and destruction. Not just any dawg can destroy an icicle, 'specially when they are this kind of huge-ified.

From my lofty position I can oversee
that the snow relocation is done properly.

Ah, excuse me - we need a shovel at the picnic area ASAP.

I might as well do it myself.

Lookin' back at a job well done.

 I know I said it's not all fun and games but
I think now that the work's done it's important
to enjoy this stuff at least a little bit.

Butt-tuckin', Wild-Willies, Zoomies ~ no matter what you
wanna call 'em, it was FUN!

My "impersonation" of nonpareils candy

So if this looks like it's sumpthin' you'd like to do, call and
we'll set up an appointment for you to
come on over and I will interview you personally.

In the meantime all this hard work has me played out.
I may be nappin' so it's possible
my secretary will be takin' your calls.
I promise I'll get back to you ASAP after the holidays.

Don't worry, I think we'll have plenty of snow left
for me to conduct my extensive interviewin' process in.

Chester ;0=)


Andrea said...

Oh Chester,
I let dad clean the deck while I leaped and jumped and played. Then I came in and jumped in the middle of Mom's bed.
Woofs and Wags,

Merry Christmas from The Perdue Zoo

Stella said...

You easterners have much more snow than we have here in the Midwest!

I am sure we will be getting more(ahem, it just always comes!) but in the meantime, no big jobs to do.

Happy Holidays, Chester!


Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Wasn't it PAWESOME???

I'm khurrently dipping my FT in it as I paw this!

PeeEssWoo: My word is MATED ;-)

Life With Dogs said...

Don't make yourself look too much like candy - Truffles has a sweet tooth. ;)

Cocorue said...

yeah, i read that DC had two feet of that white stuff......geeeez, you would have trouble digging moi out bol....

do you need an assistant can check them out without them seeing moi under their skin, eh their hot bod ( they would have to be studs to be of any help to you, right????)

THAT would be so much fun as they wouldn't know what bit them bol.....

chikisses for a wonderful Christmas Chest..ER and one day we will roll in that white stuff, one day....

houndstooth said...

You make it look like so much fun, but I'm glad we didn't get all that snow here!


Nika + PARKER said...

I know what you mean Chester! It isssss cold here, that the other day I was frolicking in the snow and my bag legs started getting really cold - I woobled back tot he door and inside I went under the blankey! Stay warm!!! HAPPY HOLIDAYS...

Signed your brother from another mother! Parker xoxo

Samantha said...

Okayokay, I'd love to be interviewed - we don't get that bootiful floofy cold and white stuff out here, so a chance to hang with you and help would be greatly appreciated! I'll be giving you a call heheeeh! Looks like you had a wonderful, kicky time in the powder! (LOVE those monster icicles!)
Hugs xo

Mango said...

Count me in! I can do all those things too! Plus I could use some action given that my Relentlessly Huge brother thinks he burns plenty of calories just standing outside.


YD, sometimes with Samantha and June said...

Snow zoomies, fun! You did a great job shovelling the snow Chester!

Sam & June

Sierra Rose said...

I want an interview!!!
We could have zoomie races, and dig out the picnic area in no time!
Looks like a blast over there Chester!

Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
Sierra Rose

Ms. ~K said...

Us Southern doggies are "snow" jealous!

JackDaddy said...

You did very good! I hope you got lots of extra treats for helping!

Please tell your mom and dad that the pictures are fantastic. Brown looks so good against the white snow! :)

Budrow Wilson Spain said...

Yo man I am up for an interview! Sure looks ubber fun to me!

Benny and Lily said...

Chester what a great snow plow. You are a boy of many talents. After all that work, you must have been tired. Stay warm
Benny & Lily

The Thundering Herd said...

Oh, yeah, the snow sure has been fun. It has been Siberian mayhem here for the last several days.

Black Dog's Photographer said...

Love the snow! Sounds like Santa is going to grant my wish and bring me some snow for Christmas.
Jesse ~ the Queen of snow dogs.

The OP Pack said...

Hey Chester, do you need any helpers with that supervising? We don't have any snow here and we are really made for the snow. Maybe we can get there and do zoomies with you and we can invite Khyra over too.

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