Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Monsters in the House

I've been tryin' to toss out my blog treats on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays for awhile now. It keeps me busy just doin' that. This special edition Tuesday treat cannot wait until Friday for as we all know and try our best to comply with, tomorrow is Wordless Wednesday and we try and keep our yaps shut.

The monsters I am talkin' about are not the scary kind. In fact these are delicious monsters I am referrin' to. They are monster cookies and almost always show up at this time of year. They are a wonderful blend of all things good. Trust me. The only bad part for me is that they do have chocolate chips in them which we all know dogs are not allowed to have. But when you have a gullible Dad like I do, he will succumb to my droolin' lips and pinch off a piece that does not have chocolate in it and give me a bite.

It's all I can do to not snag one before it goes into the oven.

I watch them very closely as they begin to form into cool monster cliques.

My mind is in a dreamlike state because of the overwhelmin' scent of peanut butter and sugar
and I have visions of me eatin' them all while Mom's back is turned. 

Mom packs 'em up and before long you won't see a single one hangin' around.

I thought I'd share the recipe just in case you'd like to create your own monster congregation.

Monster Cookies
***See note at the end about monster quantities

12 eggs
4 cups brown sugar
4 cups white sugar
1 tsp. vanilla
1 tbsp. King syrup
8 tsp. baking soda
1 pound butter
3 pounds peanut butter
18 cups oatmeal
2 bags chocolate chips
2 cups raisins
M&M candies to decorate (optional)

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Mix in dishpan in order given. Drop by large tablespoon or ice cream scoop and flatten. Bake 12 minutes. Do not overbake. Allow to cool for several minutes on pan before removing. 
NOTE: this recipe does not call for flour.

*Recipe can be cut in half, and you will still have a lot of monsters. They do freeze very well.

Now I'm tellin' ya, these are some monsters I'm pretty sure you won't mind havin' around. Enjoy!
Chester  ;0=)


George said...

Morning, Chester.......thanks for the recipe, we will definitely be using it here as mom tries to keep my human bro sated with more and more food. He is a teenager and so feeding him is like feeding a furnace....you just keep shoveling it in. Something called "monsters" might just do the trick!
I would suggest that your mom make you an extra batch with no chocolate in it so that you can enjoy them as well. By the way, if she does that, you can send a couple to me, I wouldn't mind.
Enjoy your day! :o)

Life With Dogs said...

The look way better than stepmonsters - the only monsters I have ever met...

Cocorue said...

hiya Chester ,

sorry i have not visited you for awhile........

thanks for the monster cookies recipe - mumster does not bake, so how can she be a good cook huh????

there's this friend of mine in South Africa, Joburg eh Johannesburg that i would like you to meet as i have a feeling that you would be great pals ( he has a girlfriend Tammy who lives with him and he still firts with me - what do you say to that???? )

this is his link


go have some fun

Rufus and Indie said...

Hi Chester!
Cookies? We will try that recipe for sure!
Rufus and Indie

Holly said...

Rory, Fiona, and I have a monstrous love for you and your Mom, Big Brown!

Andrea said...

Love monster cookies...
Hope you are having a great week!
Blessings, andrea

MAX said...

Hey there, Chester!
It is really nice to meet you. Coco ("Shorty") said I must come and say "howzit?". I hope we can be friends!?
Now here's some irony. In 2003/2004 my Mom, in a fundraising drive, baked 75000 choc-chip cookies (similar to yours - although no peanut butter). Your cookies bring back lots of memories to me as I lay in the corner, taking in all the wonderful aromas (and contained my drool) over that entire period. Eish it was hard!...so I empathise with you.
Anyway, before I take over your whole comments page, let me just say that Coco "thinks" I'm flirting...she has delusions of grandeur methinks.
Please come along and visit us too sometime...I'll add you to my list.

Mango said...

Chester! One would think that she could make at least one batch of livers cookies for you!


Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

How about woo leave a bag of 'em dangling from the bridge along the interstate fur Mom and me?

Tank woo fur making it a Tasty Tuesday!


Miley said...

Ohhhh yummmmy!!! Wish I had smell-o-puter!!! Those look so good, mom says she's gonna make them and I can supervise!!! Thx for sharing!!!

lotsa licks,

Samantha said...

Whoa - cookie monsters alert! I jes tol' ma she bettah bake summa those for H'ween! Thanks for the recipe for that nummy sounding goodie!
Huggers xo

Stella said...

My Mom is glad your Mom put the part about No Flour in this recipe because it didn't seem right at first. We will try it someday! Thanks, Chester!


Martha Basset said...

We were amazed at the quantities in that recipe Chester. Perhaps we will try a smaller version! Sounded lovely
Martha & Bailey xxxx

Sierra Rose said...

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! Mom's drooling over here. Love the dreamy-state picture! And the one of you looking up at the monsters! We were waiting for you to pounce up on that counter! (I would!)

Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
Sierra Rose

Benny and Lily said...

Your momma seems to be teasing us with those big yummy monsters. MMMmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Benny & Lily

Mason Dixie said...

Wow thats a lot of Monsters!!! Mom would have to cut that into a 1/4 recipe b/c she has no one to bake for except the BF. =) thanks for sharing the recipe

The Thundering Herd said...

What? She does not make any without chocolate chips (or raisins - we can't have those either)? You should demand that.

Cocorue said...

Chester my buddy....i see you are still a gentledawg, unlike my so called friend in SA...hmmmmmm

i knew you're a worthy friend for life the moment i set eyes ( and ears! ) on you, that F is one lucky beeeetch ha...


The OP Pack said...

Thanks for what sounds and looks like a fantastic recipe - now we are going to be sure our Momster makes them without the chocolate and raisins so we can have some. Maybe she can use peanut butter chips.

woos, the OP Pack

Budrow Wilson Spain said...

Thank you for the recipe! I love to try new cookies that my two-legger makes!

Maksi said...

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