Friday, April 24, 2009

Pedro ROCKS!!!

I've been lookin' high

and I've been lookin' low.

I've been lookin' for rocks
for my little buddy Pedro.

His mom's makin' a table
with rocks from his Dog Blog friends.
It's fillin' up fast - 
and I had to find one quick
before this rockin' fun ends!

Our rocks aren't real special
not near as pretty as some.

So I looked and looked and looked
'til my paws were getting numb.

But then I came across it
I'm telling you the truth.
I marked it really well
by biting it with my tooth!!

There won't be no mistakin'
this rock and from who it came
My tooth is there forever
and Chester's the one to blame.

Chester's Mom: Don't you think your lady dawg friends will like you less if you don't have all your pearly whites?
Chester: Ooooooh! For once I might just have to agree with you on that. Will you tell them I didn't break my tooth on that rock?
Chester's Mom: Ok, friends in Dog Blogville, this is one of Chester's baby teeth that I saved. I know, it's kinda weird but hey, he's my kid and I fondly remember those days when I could still pick him up and carry his little brown butt around.
Chester: Wow! I'm kinda surprised that you are parting with such a treasure!!!
Chester's Mom: Me too, but I think we both know that Pedro is worth it. And besides , I still have a couple more baby teeth to spare.
Chester: I think I shoulda sent you one of the many rocks in Mom's head, Pedro!

Woofs and not-toothless slobbers,

Pee. Ess. We will be mailing your rock soon along with a special surprise or two!


Pedro said...


OMD!!!! I can't wait to get that very special rock for my table!! You are really sending a part of yourself with it. Wow, that is so meaningful. Um, my mom kinda laughed at your comment about me being the boss. She says I think I'm the boss of everybody but Libby is the true boss. She may only have 3 legs but she is one bossy cat!


Mason Dixie said...

I would still like you teeth or no teeth =) What a great rock you are sending, I have not met Pedro yet, will have to get on it. You are so handsome in your photos and such a shiny coat. Want to roll in the mud?
Off to go swim =)

GoldenSamantha said...

OMD!!! Great post! You had me fooled at first, but I still think you're gorgeous, so no worries about the girl doggies around - you're still a hunk! Pedro will love it!
Hugs xo

Stella said...

Chester and Pedro ROCK!



Nibbles Treats said...

What a great idea! The rock is pretty cool too. Great work finding the special one.

Tinkerbell, Oscar and Tucker

GoldenSamantha said...

Dear Chester,
I'm stilled stunned by the trick you pulled off on me! At any rate, I have an award for you at my site!
Hugs and Love xo

Anonymous said...

Isn't Pedro's coffee table project just so cool? That certainly is a unique contribution you're making, Chester!

See ya!

Life With Dogs said...

I thought that tooth looked small, you had me going. I would have let that linger for a few days before spilling the truth - the guilt trip alone would have been worth it.

Does that make me a jerk? I sure hope so!

Sharon said...

Hi Chester, I found you from Pedro's blog. Awesome rock!

Although I think Dobby is from Charlotte, NC, I am from Hagerstown, MD! It is cool to hear you are from Greencastle :)

Come visit our blog sometime!
Sharon and Dobby

Kimberly said...

hahahah- Chester lost a tooth? hahahhaha

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