Saturday, March 28, 2009

Vermont ROCKS!!!

The old saying is that what goes around comes around. Here's proof:

Just look at the loot I got in the mail today from Life with Dogs in Vermont!

Well, it was addressed to Mom but the cute Greyhound card inside says that Sola wanted to send this to me personally. Seems my little care package I sent to her while she was recuperating from Mr. Stick really touched her. I can only hope that it had a small part to do with her quick healing-although I’m sure her 2 leggers took very good care which was huge in her recovery process.

Mom has already confiscated the notepads and started her grocery list on it. As you can see I’ve added a few necessary items.

The Little Littles cookies are from out of this world. Well, that is if you consider the Green Mountain State out of this world. I’ve already inhaled four of them. Yes, I did say I inhaled.

I'm starting to feel very, very relaxed.

What’s those little green specks, Sola? Do they have anything to do with me all of a sudden wanting to light incense and tie dye my collar? And I’ve never had a Dorito but man, I’ve got a craving for them like you wouldn’t believe!
And why is Mom eating my cookies? Hey, Old Lady-get outta my cookies!! Uh-oh, did you get these from your neighbor? Cool.

Well, I’m feeling like putting a record on the record player, maybe something upbeat like Jimi Hendrix or The Doors and chillin’ for the rest of the night.

Thanks Sola for making my weekend and please express my thanks to your Mom and Dad for helping you get them mailed. Also tell them that I will be up to take care of their resident groundhog as soon as I run out of cookies.

Do me a favor please and tell Truffles “Groovy, Baby” and ask Nigel if he’s shagged any good magazines lately.

Thanks again, Vermont for sending me such good vibes.
Peace and love slobbers,


Mrs. Author said...

This is just great! Glad your enjoying the weekend Chester and yes when you've finished your treats you can come groundhound hunting.

Life With Dogs said...

This is so right. And I really do look ridiculous from the outside, now that I see it!

Chester rules, and he looks far too relaxed. I'm guessing that Sola contributed the the treat recipe prior to shipping. Chester, you're going to need to go back to Codorus and drink the lake dry. Those groundhogs may outrun you for the next day or two.

Oddly enough, Truffles has just taken notice of Chester and is smitten. Is he too proud to bee seen with a handiLab?

Happy Saturday from your nutty northern neighbors. I can't help but point out that before I leave this comment I must enter the following letters for word verification: prick. Did you engineer this somehow? I'm sending you a screenshot as proof! :)

Pedro said...


My mom went to college in the Green Mountain State! It truely is out of this world! She loves VT!


Anonymous said...

Hi Chester! What nifty loot from Sola! I like the things you put on the shopping list. I definitely could use some of that Bloggerette gum.

See ya!

Team 3 Dawg Flite said...

Do we need a passport to go from here into Vermont? Love, Sally

Dughallmor Beagles said...

Dude, that's the funniest post...."she" is choking on her coffee now....BOL! Watch out for the paranoia though's so not cool.
Slobbers xx
Pee-ess....we're sorry we're not by more often, we do love to read your funny musings :D We shall crack the whip!

Mason Dixie said...

What great loot you got there Chester. The cookies seemed to be very yummy. Easter is coming soon and I hope a special little bunny makes it your way with a basket of goodies. =)

Allison (Dog Mom) said...

Wat grrreat treets, Chester!! We hope woo enjoyed dem!

Gus and Waldo

Melody sez said...

Chester! It is nice to have nice friends! For sure!

I like the looks of your earmeat Chester! By the way! Since you are a chocolate lab Chester, is your earmeat chocolate smelling?! I would like to sniff your earmeat Chester, if it does smell like chocolate! I have never smelled chocolate earmeat before! I do like brindle brownie earmeat the best though! I must say! Tonka has maple syrup earmeat, by the way!

Let me know about this matter Chester, on the count that me and you could have an chocolate earmeat tryst, and then you and me could probably run over to Nigel's, and then me and you and Nigel could maybe go get some Ben & Jerry's ©™®! I am sure you would enjoy doing this stuff! Chester! I sure do know that I would enjoy doing this stuff too! As well!



I bet my bottom dollars that Grits had great earmeat!

Nibbles Treats said...

Chester - what awesome loot you got - those cookies look wonderful and from the looks of things, they made you feel a little somethin-somethin.

Tinkerbell, Oscar and Tucker

stephanie of stopbouncing said...

Wow Chester! You raked in the booty!
Let me know if you need to borrow any Floyd albums.

JMS said...

You know, that helicoptor butt thing? My dog does that!!! We usually call it Propeller Butt, but I guess it's all the same, eh? We don't really know what kind of dog she is - she's a heinz 57 - so there may be some greyhound in her!

Love the gift packs you and LWDs are sending around!

Maybe we should have a Blog Dogs convention?


♥ ya!
Jennifer @ Random Ramblings

Carolina said...

Hi, popped over from Life with dogs. Thanks for the laugh ;-)

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