Friday, March 02, 2012

Friday Fact

Check this out:

This is the bed on which I spend my days. Pretty rough lookin' - huh? It's not bad enough that it somehow ended up with holes, but the amateur patch job is nuthin' less than disgraceful and highly uncomfortable. I know I should be thankful ~ and I am 'cuz I know some dawgs don't have it this good. But the other day my attitude suddenly went south when Mom came home with her arms full of shoppin' bags.

Next thing I see is a brand new set of sheets for THEIR bed. Not just any sheets either - these sheets have dawgs on 'em. And to think they complain about findin' my Big Brown dawg hairs in their bed!

Look - there's not even Labradorks on 'em.

Makes me mad enough to bite the head off a GSD.

Mebbee they'll get fleas from these dawgs when they're snoozin'.

Fact of the matter is, today's Friday
and I got more important things to think about that ~ as I'm sure you do too.
What's in your weekend, snoozin' or cruisin?

Chester ;0=)


Mango said...

Chester, my friend, you have my sympathies. Imagine my lot in life where whatever bed I own is comfy for a few weeks and then, curiously, becomes quite flat and almost as hard as the floor.

The dog sheets are an abomination. No Labradoinks? No Mastiffs? Unacceptable!


houndstooth said...

I bet there aren't any Greyhounds on those sheets, either! An outrage! Chester, you could leave a gift in the bed to let them know what you think about it all. Perhaps then your mom would take the sheets off and sew them into a new bed for you! Sure, there'd still be no Labradors on it, but you could put your butt on a Collie's head and feel a little better!



Big Brown.
I know why the sheets are missing a choc labradude, it's because you ARE suppose to be on the bed. It's a living sheet set design. Aha! Dude Momma wants me to tell u she loves the March foto on her calendar... you are clean cut and furry handsome. Thanks. She wants to trim my furs at short as yours now.
TGIF! Oh you now I"ll be cruisin

Kristin G. said...

I love those sheets, Chester, and I bet that GSD had it coming! Maybe your mom can shop for a new dog bed at GIG. Just a thought. Have a nice weekend dude!

Anonymous said...

Aww adorable!

dog boutique

Martha and Bailey said...

Chester, it is indeed an outrage! Whatever are your humans thinking of.
Thank dogness you only wanted to bite the head off a GSD - please don't ever think of biting the head of a basset......!!!
Well, come to think of it the ears would be kinda hard to swallow.

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