Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 ~ 2012

Hello Friends - Chester's Mom here:
Forgive me if I ramble - I'm not used to having the platform but I'm feeling a bit reflective this morning and felt the need to share my thoughts. Chester was uncharacteristically willing to let me speak my piece. As I put the Christmas cards on a pile to make the house seem a little more tidy and organized I think of the friends I've collected over the past few years. So many I've met simply because of this Big Brown pile of fur sitting on the floor beside me. As varied as the cards themselves, so are the friends who have added new perspectives and insights into worlds I may never see first-hand. If any of us were able to interact on a daily basis, I wonder how much closer or maybe even more distant our relationships may be. Virtual friendships are in a way, easy - for we've come together because of a mutual interest. Again, many of my virtual relationships are because of the common interest, respect and love we have for our canine companions. We don't always have that common interest with those that we are "forced" to deal with everyday, such as family and coworkers. Having said that, I think there is a reason we have people in our lives with different interests and personalities and yes, even those that really tend to rub us the wrong way. Speaking for myself, these folks have stretched me and also made me look for strength that I did not think I had in me. I've grown in maturity (believe it or not) and they have also made me realize that I too have it in me to annoy and frustrate others and possibly I need to make a change in my behavior. Yeah - take note of that my virtual friends - I am not as perfect as you thought!! Hah - had you fooled, didn't I? Let's move on quickly!

Sorry to say, this blog has been a little neglected here in the past few months. With the craziness of trying to get ready for Christmas and some other items that cropped up in November, I considered the possibility of ending it and making this the final post. But as I sit here and put my thoughts on the screen before me, I know for a fact that I am hooked. Maybe not as addicted to it as I once thought - yet I have to admit, that I feel a certain satisfaction that nothing else has ever quite matched. So for now, "For the Love of Chester" will continue to limp - no, make that meander (I like that word better) - along as I have time. 

I think some of this outpouring of thoughts comes from a newly-found blog that many of you already know - Romping and Rolling in the Rockies.  Having heard of them through Bunny over at Tails and Tales, I have gone over and introduced Chester and myself. If you go there, you will instantly see the connection because the blog header picture is that of a gorgeous female Chocolate lab standing on a peak with vistas of snow-covered mountains in the background. Having a weakness for Labs and mountains I had to read more! The pictures of "K", the Choco lab, the wildlife and the scenery are breathtaking and I scrolled quickly trying to take it all in. My scrolling stopped short when I saw the picture of the mountain bike with tires covered in snow. Another love of ours is biking, which also has taken a back seat to "life". We ride occasionally but this blogger makes a point of doing a sunrise ride every morning with her lab. Ahhhhh - what a wonderful life and one that I can probably only dream of. But here too, is the "rub"; this perfect life with it's perfect scenery also is experiencing the inevitable but also, grim side of life. It has just been discovered that this gorgeous lab has cancer. <spit> A nasty word that leaves a bitter taste in your mouth and one that we never want to hear, but most have had to deal with in some aspect. If you have time, stop over to see them and let them know your feelings. I have watched time and time again as bloggers congregate to celebrate and comfort through the highs and lows we experience. We never want to be on that end of the spectrum, but I for one find comfort in knowing that I will not be alone when "that" time comes for Chester and I to go our separate ways.

OK - eyes are filling up so I think this would be a good time to end this. Not to mention that there are parents patiently waiting for me to fill the pill box for next week and also to show they still matter in life. Plus there's also a Big Brown labrador who is (im)patiently waiting for his next adventure, which in this case is amateur therapy dog to his grandparents.

Thank you all for stopping by and and even bigger thank you for those of you who who continue to leave comments even when I rarely get a chance to stop by at your blogs to see your fun & creative posts. It's a goal of mine to do better in 2012.

I can't leave you with words alone, so I'll add this shot of Chester. Granted it's not the best picture ever but I think it's fitting in that as we look towards an unknown future, we can be assured that there will be some snotty nose-marks on the window of our lives. We can either bust our butts trying to keep it perfect and clean, or we can learn to live with them and accept that perfection is not in the having, but in the acceptance of what will be.

I wish you all a safe and Happy New Year's Eve
and a blessed 2012.

Chester's Mom ;0-)

Pee. Ess. Yadda, yadda, yadda. Don't worry folks, I'll be baaaaaaack and you won't have to listen to Mom again for a long, long time!
Chester ;0=)


SueQ said...

It's always nice to have some words from your mom, Chester. She's a cool lady! Even if you don't want to admit it! :)I very much enjoyed your message, Chester's mom!


Oh Chester momma and big brown
That was a beautifully captured sentiment about virtual relationships and real life. I too have experienced things thru other blogger lives that have enhanced my life and personal development. Thru others experiences we are lucky to share the funballs but also support each other thru the pain. We follow KB, K and R and also thru my job know things seem one way and the next day it's totally changed. We are fortunate to be apart of the community and blog when we can.
Happy new year!
love norwood and norwood momma

houndstooth said...

We love posts from your mom almost as much as yours, Chester! I know we'd be terribly sad if we didn't get to see your occasional posts pop up from time to time. We always have a smile when we read what you've been up to!

I'm so glad you went over and met K! The bond that KB has with her is a beautiful thing, and I think that's a lot of why it's so devastating to read that K has cancer. R is their black lab, and he's quite a character, too. You'll like him! Their blog and the Houston Pittie Pack's blog both made us appreciate the ties that bind us here at home a lot more, too. You never know when that journey you take together will end, but you hope that it's been the most beautiful and precious that can be! I don't even want to think about the end of the journey for Chester. I will cry as hard as if it were one of my own dogs that's passed away!

And how funny! Last night as we were driving over to town, hubby spontaneously mentioned Gettysburg. He loved it last year and is planning to go back! I'm not sure GIG is ready for Morgan AND Kuster!

Bunny and her mom

Val said...

Just found you!!! Love your story, can't wait to hear more. Stop by when you can. Happy New Year :)

Remington said...

Have a fun and safe New Years Eve! See you next year!

♥♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥♥ said...

We always love visiting Chester's blog - he entertains us well.

Beautiful post tonight. We just left KB's latest. Mom is so very sad about what is happening to K that we couldn't find any words to say. We are praying for a miracle.

Happy New Year from all of us at The OP Pack!

Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

And K's mom is a Pawsylvania gal herself ;-)

Mom says she'll wave on Sunday!


KB said...

That was a great post, with your thoughts about the role of blogging in our lives and friends in general. I, too, enjoy the blogging community and wouldn't want to give it up. I'm glad that you'll keep "meandering" along since I just met you!

Thank you so much for your thoughts about my K. The support of so many people has made this awful week more bearable. The support and love in the dog-blogging world is incredible to see and to feel.

That last paragraph before the photo of Chester is perfect. I agree with you whole-heartedly.

Sierra Rose said...

Happy New Year and a most thoughtful post!

We have KB and K in our prayers.

And will also be on the meandering blog post program this year :)

The past few weeks Sierra and I have been taking mom's chocolate lab, Dixie out on long walks with us in their neighborhood... as mom's been fighting pnemonia, and Dixie has tons of energy. We've quite enjoyed each walk...picking a different set of streets each time...loving these quiet explorations. Dixie has not left mom's side while she recouperates, and has been a wonderful companion.

Best wishes for 2012.

Big hugs,
Sierra Rose and Kristin

Carolyn said...

Hi, Chester's Mom!
I found your blog several weeks back; you were linked to another blog.

I had to come here, because I was a Chester's Mom for 11 1/2 years. Our Chester was a black lab, a big goofy boy. He died of cancer in July, 2010. We have another lab now, and I love him, but still miss Chester.

I'm glad you'll be keeping on.


Kristin G. said...

I'm glad you've decided to stick around. My time and creative juices have been strained lately, but I figure lots of people experience this. You and Chester bring a lot of fun into the lives of others, and I know you would be missed. My theory is to post when I can, and not put any blog-related pressure on myself. We're here to have fun, and enjoy our common interests. Hugs to you and Big Brown!! xoxo

Life With Dogs said...

One of your best blog posts ever. And...good! We don't want you going anywhere...

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