Friday, October 28, 2011

Home Makeover ~ Big Brown Edition

After one hundred and fourteen LONG days of our kitchen bein' out of order, I am happy - NO make that ECSTATIC to announce that our kitchen is once again open and functional.

(Crowd goes wild as the new addition is revealed)

Come on in, I'll show ya 'round.

Because the kitchen grew, so also did my room. My PUs call it the mud room which may not look muddy now, but given time, I will see to it that it lives up to it's name. I will spend many a day here meditatin' on life, critters and foodables.

(Much better than before, don't you think?)

My room now has runnin' water so fresh drinks will always be available. I also think that if I shut the door and the water runs long enough, I could turn this whole mud room into my own indoor swimmin' pool.

The kitchen now has plenty of storage shelves to hold the tools necessary for creatin' nomalicious foodables.

This next pic is of what I believe to be one of the greatest inventions ever.
Mom calls it a "Whirl-a-gig" but the technical term is "Lazy Susan"
Whatever you wanna call it, the turnin' shelves are perfect for storin' cats, crackers, or cats named Cracker. Thanks to Nigel Bugger's kitteh for helpin' to demonstrate my theory.

"Round and round he goes, where he stops.......nobody knows!!!"

Once the cabinetry was put into place, the countertops had to be installed. I won't go into detail but my PUs had troubles figgerin' out what they liked best. In fact, they had settled on two different styles and designs before finally pickin' this last one. They said it was hard when they only had a small sample like this to choose from:

I think it was meant to be 'cuz oncet it was installed, Mom and I couldn't hardly believe our eyes when we realized that the countertop very closely resembles Zoe's furs - my gal pal over at Dogs Rock!!

  As cool as that is, I still had to put the new countertop to the surfability test.

Yep, the new countertop is totally surf-able. I just hope it doesn't decide to take off at break-neck speed like Zoe does. If so, I could be in for one wild ride!

Next thing to be taken care of was appliances. Figgerin' I could save my PUs some cash, I promptly volunteered for the position of dishwasher....

....but when Mom told me that yellow cord had to be inserted into an outlet, I quickly withdrew my offer. That's way too kinky for this Big Brown dawg!

Ok, that about sums it up but I'll leave you with a couple of before and after pics:

(South Wall before)

(South Wall after)

(North Wall before)

(North Wall after)

The PUs still have some cosmetic things to do like paint that door - but who cares as long as our home is once again filled with the odors of yummy foodables bein' cooked, along with tasty tidbits frequently fallin' to the floor in the process!!!

The tile backsplash was installed yesterday and as you're readin' this, Mr. Tile Man is probably smearin' the grout all over it to finish the job.

This is a pre-grout/sneak peek photo:

Thanks for stoppin' by and takin' a tour of our new kitchen.
You can let your tips in the jar at the back door.
I accept VISA, cash and/or biscuits.

I hope you have a yummy weekend!!!
Chester ;0=)


Mango said...

Dude! Amazing transformation. I am especially fond of the enlarged Chester mud area. You totally deserve it for putting up with those tool time guys like forever.


Two French Bulldogs said...

Move that bus!!! BOL, your new kitchen is beautiful
Benny & Lily

Life With Dogs said...

Hahaha! I knew you were using Cracker - but I didn't know how and that was a riot.

You must be thrilled to have this project behind you, but I'm guessing Chester is going to regret giving up the coveted dishwasher gig...

Elysa said...

Chester, it looks great! I know you are glad it is done. Hope you and your family enjoy! =)

Karen said...

Thanks for the entertaining tour of your wonderful new kitchen and mud room/dawg room, Chester. Have fun catching those drops and spills!

Anonymous said...

Brownie, dat new kitchen is jus' beeyaootiful! I 'specially like the cat-spinner in da cabinet. Alls ya need is some lava lamps and Barry White tapes in ya new "mud" room an' you will be in good shape my friend! <3

George said...

Chester, dat "anonymous" person was me...George Murphy. sheeeesh!

Kristin G. said...

Your new kitchen looks amazing, and I know you'll enjoy it immensely! You crammed so many cool things into this post: your new mud room (soon to be swimming pool,) the cat named Cracker (lol,) and those super-coolio Zoe countertops!!! No wonder your PUs chose them! :) We wish you many happy years of counter surfing and foodable take downs!! P.S. - I'm glad your mom didn't try to plug you in!!

Ruger said...

Hey there Brownie! Once upon a time - in meybe like a hundred years I'll be able to do a post like that. Our kitchen is -- hmmm - permanently half finished, 'cause my hu-mans are fery useless when it come to tools & painting & fings.
But I sure do hope your PUs are going to cook you lots of nomilicious food like what my hu-Dad cooks!!!
They gonna hafe to git busy if wooo hafe a whole busload of pups what are visiting!!!


Anonymous said...

So fun to see the transition! Built for comfort and traction for you to surf. You having a turkey (not Cracker) to celebrate next month? Maybe they can open the door to let the splendiferous aromas seep into your new doggus room!
Gre Gre

Nileydog said...

Looks awesome, such a difference! Love the kitchen, I am very jealous! I would withdraw the offer with the yellow cord too ;)

♥♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥♥ said...

Just beautiful, Chester. Mom is very jealous of your beautiful new kitchen. She especially loves the countertops, backlash, and lighting - gorgeous.

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

Licorice Roo said...

I may be the fashionista in the family, but I've GOTTA send Mom to you for decorating lessons! These photos are GREYT, Chester! Thanks for sharing them with us! xoxo -Roo
P.S. The word it's making me type below is "catiwacl." Sounds like a kitteh traffic jam!

Just Ramblin' said...

Beautiful kitchen. I am sure you are all super excited to have not just your kitchen back, but a gorgeous one at that!

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