Monday, September 12, 2011

Pool Boy

It's been a long, hot summer around here and bein's how my favorite lake was closed down due to some kinda bacterial issue, I didn't get to go swimmin' there like I normally do. The most water activity I got was at my Pappy's spring which is fun but it's not very deep and does not allow me to dawgie paddle like a labradork such as myself should.

When I heard that the local pool was allowin' a special day just for dawgs, I begged Mom to toss all her plans aside and take me...and so she did. She coulda just dropped me off and left me there because once I saw the blue water and all the dawgs partayin' on the other side of the fence, I knew exactly what to do.


Chester's Mom:Shhhhhhhh! Just a minute!

Chester: A minute? Your "minutes" are like hours. Get me inside that fence NOW before I blow a gasket.

Chester's Mom: I need to make sure I have everything in your backpack.

Chester: I do not need anythin'! BARK! BARK! BARRRRRRRRRRK!!!!

(Hard to believe but I can be quite obnoxious when I see sumpthin' I want)

Anyway, she FINALLY left me out and we proceeded to the pool area. At the sound of the leash becomin' unhooked, I was gone faster than you can say "Titanic"

Without further ado, here are the pics from my pool partay.

There was a whole lotta toy swappin' goin' on....

(Mom is a little concerned about my kleptomaniac ways.)

....and the Blonde seemed concerned I might not give hers back.

She had to enlist the help of her Big Brown brother to snatch it away from me.

This is the big dawg pool ~ there were some little dawgies in the kiddie pool. I know 'cuz I ran thru it just to say hello and to see what was goin' on there.

Sumtimes it was just too inconvenient to swim to the steps to get out.


Once the Blonde left, I had (my own) Wubba to keep me company.

I always heard that 2 leggers get excited when they see sumpthin' Brown floatin' in the water,
but they seemed quite unconcerned about it today.

I was so tired that even though Mom was goin' well over the speed limit down a back road and takin' pics at the same time, I coulda cared less. I was havin' sweet dreams of clear blue waters and wet dawg fun.

You can bet your bottom biscuit that I can hardly wait for the end of summer next year,
and have the calendar marked so we never miss the local pool closin' down again.

Woofs and pooled slobbers,
Chester ;0=)


Elysa said...

Wow, Chester! What a great thing for the local pool to do for all the pups!! Looks like you all had a great time. =)

Khumbu said...

Wooo that looked like such fun. Wish our local pool would do the same.

houndstooth said...

I am green with jellyness! The stupid health department put the kabosh on our end of summer pool swimming. Oh, how I'd love a chance to give that a try!

BOL! You were barking? Really?


browndogcbr said...

Hi Y'all,

Oh my, how I wish I could have been there with you! That looks like SOOOOO much fun!

Y'all come by now,
Hawk aka BrownDog


DUDE you totally were like Gidget. Beach pawtee. I hate to say it but I couldn't tell u apart from that other brown dude. Sigh... Girls are so bossy aren't they? Glad you found your true love- your own wubba wubba.

PS next time invite me! we can rule all the wubbas

Mango said...

Man, I know that piercing labrabark sound all too well. Just mention the pool around here and the Pea goes mental fits. I can see you are a sleek seal in the water and quite the dog about town. I think blondie was impressed.


Stella said...

Sounds like one swell time, Chester for a Labbie like you!


Rajendra said...

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Amy said...

Man, what a dogs life! We need a dog pool in Austin, it certainly gets hot enough. I'm a part of an online community that is for animal lovers. I get to connect with others in my area, might be fun for you and your Mom.

Benny and Lily said...

Holy crap Chester what an exciting day....You must be beat from all those breast strokes, doggy paddles, back strokes, whew!
Benny & Lily said...

Go Chester! That looked like a blast. My yellow lab "Maggie" would have really enjoyed that!

Great idea....
Janie, Maggie and Jenna

Licorice Roo said...

This is just too good to be true!!! The only topper would be if they tossed in a few River Lobstahs (Mom foolishly calls them crawdads...) for me to catch!!!

Ruger said...

Well, that looks like fery fun times for wooo BrownDawg.
Me, I'm a warm water in the tub with hu-mans to massage me kinda guy, but my Angel Neve wud hafe been right in there wif wooo. In facts ifn sumbudy frowed a good amount of mud in there she wud hafe been efen happier.
I fink that blondie gurl was given you the eye though. She could hafe been sweet on you.

Tail wags & slobbers

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