Monday, April 25, 2011

Pennsylvania Chainsaw Massacre

Hello friends and fellow bloggers! I hope that you all had a wonderful Easter weekend. It's time now to get back to our irregularly scheduled programmin'. The last several Wordless Wednesday posts have alluded to the fact that a whole lotta sawin' was goin' on in my neck of the woods. I thought you might be wonderin' what was goin' on so I am here to officially invite you to the showin' of:

The Pennsylvania
Chainsaw Massacre

For the twenty-one years that my PUs have lived here, there have been six maple trees surroundin' our home. One stood out in particular because of it's large size and perfect shape. A few years after movin' in, a terrible thunderstorm passed through and a bolt of lightenin' struck the innocent maple, makin' a terrible gash in it's trunk. Dad called the tree doctor and after examination, proceeded to tell Dad how he would operate on the tree and when finished, hand him a bill for approximately $1000*. Wantin' to save the tree but also his wallet, Dad took it upon himself to perform the necessary surgery. After makin' a drill bit long enough to drill the whole way through the tree, he inserted 2 long steel pins with bolts on the ends that would be used to draw the gash together. The tree healed but for a long, long time the bolts stuck outta the tree and it affectionately became known as Frankentree.

For many years, Frankentree provided shade for our home and a temporary residence for many a bird's nest. It also provided MANY leaves to be gathered in the Fall. The bolts disappeared as the tree trunk grew around them. But deep down, the scars were still there and we were concerned that one day, Frankentree would have a melt-down when another storm should happen to blow through. Bein' that Frankentree's long limbs hung over the garage and house, the PUs considered the damage that he could do should he not be able to hold it together durin' a period of strong weather. It was not an easy decision to lay Frankentree to rest, but once the decision was made, the chainsaw whirred into action. Many pictures were taken but I'll try and keep the slaughter of Frankentree short.

(proceed forward only if you dare)

This is Frankentree in all of his leafless glory.

Eleven loads of small limbs like this were removed.

Dad saws away high in the sky as clouds threaten to hinder his progress. Mom actually had to go up in that tiny basket one evenin' to catch limbs so they wouldn't hit the garage roof. I watched closely from the top of the picnic table. My PUs were impressed that I listened to their "stay" command even as a horse and rider passed by on the road. They think I was bein' obedient when in all actuality, I didn't wanna miss the show if'n Mom fell outta the basket.

Frankentree still stood tall at this point, even though he was bald.

Frankentree is stumped by the recent days' events.

I fought the log and the log I won.

R.I.P Frankentree

And so ends the saga of Frankentree. 

But wait ~ there's more! It's the
preview of a comin' attraction!

See this little flat-top part of our house that was added on many years ago?
Well, it will be starrin' in it's own yet to be named blockbuster hit. I won't spoil it for you but the premise will be the fall and then rebuildin' of
(drum roll puhleeze.....)


Stay tuned in July/August
for what we hope to be a mega-hit!

Chester ;0=)

*Cost for Dad to do surgery: approximately $35


Elysa said...

Chester, you are a most excellent story-teller. It's too bad Frankentree had to come down - I bet it was beautiful in full leaf and also put on quite a show in the fall. I can't wait to see the upcoming feature of the kitchen remodel! Exciting!!


I cried like a baby about frankentree. Who and what will you pee on? Where will the squirrels run to? Pawsonally I like to stick my poop shooter on trees and watch it stick.
Now just a stump.. you are king of a stump. we gotta talk.
i hope you had a super cool easter and got lil bunny eggs

Kristin G. said...

Sorry about Frankentree, and Chester. Boy, your PUs have been BUSY!!! Once again, they are lucky to have your expert supervision. Good job! I'm thinking with Frankentree gone, your visibility on groundhoggeh patrol will be greatly improved!

Pedro said...

We have a franken-type-tree in our backyard too. My mom always gets nervous when it's windy. It was split down the middle when she was a pup and her dad made a bandage out of canvas to put it back together. It's still there many, many years later. Mom had it topped once and this year my Dad promises he'll top it again. Like your tree it is huge and would destroy our dawg house if it fell over!

Happy Easter!


Remington said...

Boy your daddy doesn't charge very much for surgery....maybe he should raise his prices.... That was a great story and with the pics....WOW! Thanks for sharing, my friend!

Life With Dogs said...

I'm hoping you timed that - I can see that tree landing on a groundhog hole at just the right moment. ;)

♥♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥♥ said...

Poor Frankentree - he was one BIG tree!!! But best to keep the humans safe. And now you have a great lookout post, Chester.

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

Budrow Wilson Spain said...

RIP Frankentree! Excellent work Chester! You can be the foreman on my tree trimmin job any day as you really know your trees!!

I eagerly await the "Kitchen" feature as in my home the "Kitchen" is my favorite room.

houndstooth said...

I'm feeling quite sad about Frankentree! He was gone too soon. Did you save some of his wood for the kitchen project?


Benny and Lily said...

They were beautiful trees
Benny & Lily

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