Friday, February 11, 2011


Most times when Mr. Postman drops a box on your doorstep it's all good. But, the box that landed here this week was a good/bad kinda package. He had dropped off a big box o' worms and guess who had to go and stick his nose into it?

Yep, you guessed it! I just can't seem to keep
my Big Brown nose outta trouble.
It smelled awful good so I continued with the unveilin'.


Little did I know, but my friend Zoe Anne had tossed 
a love gift in my direction. She says she's
"just a friend" but she's got me wonderin'
with that "cut down to there" red hot dress she's wearin'.

Red dress aside, she sure knows how to
get this dawg's attention. Chicken broth and bacon
biscuits had rivers of drool flowin', and the heart shaped
stuffie spoke volumes. Last but not least a
cowhide covered Wubba. The other dawgs are gonna be so jealous
when they see that bein' tossed in the creek this summer.

Then all of a sudden it  hit me; what's Ms. Truffles
gonna say about all of this???

Bein' Valentine's Day, I did what any self-respectin'
Labrador who's about to take a swim in hot water would do:

I booked a cruise for two on the
Gravy Boat Cruiselines.

Soakin' up some rays by day...........

.......and soakin' in some bubblies at night.

I surprised Fudgie with this bottle of expensive French wine.

All said, it was money well spent. She understands that I am
a loyal and faithful dawg and she has nuthin' to fear about Zoe Anne.
In fact, I think they're gonna go shoppin' together at the mall soon.
(I hope she persuades Fudgie to buy one of them sexy red dresses!!!)

Oh, one more thing ~ I have a feelin' that the
consequences of buyin' Fudgie this bouquet of bacon roses
are gonna be smelt felt for a very long time.

Now as we cruise into the Valentine's Day weekend
I gotta piece of advice for ya:
Treat that special someone like "Top Dawg" and you won't regret it.



Mango said...

You sure know how to please the ladies. Good work.


Life With Dogs said...

Oh crap, not French wine! Now she's going to have an attitude! ;)

Hobbs said...

BOL, what a lover!

Kristin G. said...

Oh Chester, you really know how to treat the ladies! I'm glad you smoothed things over with Truffles. Zoe's just a big flirt. She would never interfere with true love. ;)

Budrow Wilson Spain said...

Dude where can I get that Bacon Bouquet! Fancy Joye would be ALL over me1!!

Benny and Lily said...

Chester those ladies must be waiting in line
Benny & Lily

Bruce said...

You've definitely got your paws full with females Chester. Good luck with that. As for me...I like the bachelor one hounding me with honey-do's.
your cat pal,

Remington said...

You ROCK! I think I need to take lessons from you! said...

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deco pour un couloir said...

good job .. i love it

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