Monday, November 02, 2009

Lost Weekend

Weekend? Here Weekend. Weekend was just here. Where did it go? Weekend - COME! I knew I shoulda kept it on it's leash. Now it's gone forever. Sigh.....and it was the best Weekend ever.

I went to a Howl-a-Ween party this Saturday thrown by the Keystone Dock Dogs and it was all about us dawgs and havin' dawg fun.
I made a pile of new 4 legger friends and 2 legger friends too! These folks sure did know how to entertain a pile of canines. We dock dived, swam, romped, played Frisbee. Then they got out this thingy that launched a dummy way far out into the field. I offered Mom up for one of the dummy launches but they did not go for it. So anyway, there were about 10-11 of us that the 2 leggers held to the startin' line and when that loud bang went off our 2 leggers released us and we ran like the wind. I had no idea why I was runnin' but these dawgs had all done this before and it seemed like a great thing to do so run along I did. Over and over and over. Whew! It was amazin' fun!

These 2 leggers are not dumb as I came to find out. They had a master plan. After all this runnin' and swimmin' it was time for the costume part of the party. Honestly, I had no fight left in me and if Mom wanted to make a fool out of me, I could care less.  I'm sure the other dawgs felt the same way. You will see that I took advantage of the situation and advertised my Groundhog patrol unit.

I would go into more detail but I am tired. REALLY tired. I'm just gonna toss you some pictures and let you see the fun for yourselves.

Rocky (he lives with 5 labs and thinks he is one too)

Nestle was havin' a bad hair day but Mercy was
lookin' groovy in her disco pants

There was lotsa hamburgers and hot dogs so we
needed jumbo sized Mustard and Ketchup

You never know when someone will need my professional assistance.
You can see I have #30 in my pocket.

Well, I'm afraid Weekend is gone forever. If by chance you see Weekend wanderin' along somewhere would you mind grabbin' it and bringin' it back to me? I really miss my Weekend.

Chester  ;0=)


Rufus and Indie said...

Hi Chester! Pawsome weekend! You look super cool! Oh Yeah!
We can't wait to see your costume next year!
Rufus and Indie

Life With Dogs said...

I never figured you for a dress up kind of guy, but that costume makes total sense to me! They will never see you coming. :)

Nika + PARKER said...

I LOVE your outfit twin!!! You look smashing!

From Mom: the look on Chester's face is just like Parker's....LOL

Mango said...

Hey Chester! If you had to wear a costume, that one isn't too bad. At least it isn't a monkey suit.


karenharrisonbinette said...

I lo-ho-hove the photo of you in your huntin togs, Chester!

MAX said...

Hey there...
Did mom really try and convert you into 'Rambo'? You were given a fun-filled weekend, so having to dress up like that is a small price to pay (I suppose)

The Thundering Herd said...

We keep losing weekend too, but then it shows up again. Wish it would keep from running away. We like it.

YD, sometimes with Samantha and June said...

How fun!
Chester, we think you weekend and our weekend probably ran away together.

Sam & June

JackDaddy said...

Oh my! I love the disco pants! I think that puppy should wear them every day!

I did not know who #30 was until I made your picture bigger and then I saw!

You look great in your cammos!! I almost didn't see you!

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Mom waved again!

It was probably about 710-715 -

Did woo see her?


Benny and Lily said...

Running,playing and then a party! Now that uis a fun day. We Love those costumes!
Benny & Lily


Hey C
Those disco dogs are hilarious! Man.. that weekend needs a gentle leader. If I catch it again..

Mason Dixie said...

Weekends are hard to come by thats for sure. Love a man in uniform =)

Deborah said...

Hi Chester!
You look like you had a blast!
I wonder what you are going to do this weekend??

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