Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sole Food

Good Monday morning! I sure hope the weekend was kind to you. Speakin' for myself, it was VERY kind. It jumpstarted right off the bat when Mom and Dad got home from work Friday night. I was finally able to get to the package that had been dropped off at the back door earlier in the day. Call it intuition or whatever, somehow I knew it was mine. My little Vermont vixen, Truffles, aka: Fudge Pants, had sent me a box of goodies for my amusement, along with a letter. I will only share a part of the letter with you though, for I firmly believe intimate details should only be shared between lovers.

I hope no persons of the law reads this-I'm sure she really paid for my stuff. Really I'm sure. I saw no security tags. Anyway, the card she speaks of is a paper doll likeness of Ms. Truffles with a message inside written in her own paw.

She says she personalized it by sleeping on it so that it would smell of her special scent of gravy and grass stains. Then she cut to the chase by adding a firm warning that "I should not be tempted to inspect the north end of any south bound hussy lab that should happen by." I think she speaks of Ms. Godiva of Harrisburg who has more than once shown interest in me. Truffles also added that I should keep this card as a reminder and that in her words "she has some seriously rusty scissors in her toybox." That should also serve as a good reminder for me to watch my step!

Ms. Godiva
*I can honestly say it's kinda macho feelin' to have not one, but TWO lovely Chocolate females fightin' over me. I just hope this doesn't lead to a Jerry Springer episode.

Anyway, she did real well pickin' out loot for me. She knows oh, so well my newfound love of bully sticks and included a 12 incher that will not only satisfy my chewing needs but will also keep my teeth nice and white for the weddin'. She is also concerned for my safety and included a window sticker tellin' firemen that I may be trapped inside. Not a bad thing to have posted because you just never know when Mom may have left the iron on. The cookies you see are wonderful tastin' tidbits in the shapes of fire hydrants, pawprints and groundhogs with bow ties. Well, they mighta been bears but either way they all tasted really, really good. So good that I helped myself to a couple while Mom went to get her camera.

The piece de resistance of the whole package is, of course, the groundhog stuffie. Can't say that Truffle's idea of suffocatin' the little rodents along with her rusty scissors comment doesn't concern me just a little bit about the mental stability of my life partner, but still not a bad tool to remember in the Battle of the Groundhogs.

Only problem is Mom and I have been in a heated debate ever since we saw this stuffie. I tried to explain the benefits of shreddin' it and Mom tried to convince me of the cuteness of it and how it would be almost like a taxidermied trophy to place in our home. We did the best we could to come to a compromise. She will let me have it under her supervision only and for short periods of time. You can see how she can't keep her paws off of it even though it's mine.

This is what Mr. Groundhog Stuffy looks like after that little bit of playtime.

Now he looks like he lost the battle with a jar of seriously stiff hair gel. Either that or he is a Rod Stewart wannabe.

So anyway, that is how my weekend got off to such a great start. The time and effort she took to get me such an awesome package really touched me. Got me to thinkin' that I should show my appreciation. Then it came to me that there's a new little restaurant just around the corner that I think would be great for us to try together. It's called "Madame Shoesie's Raw Bar and Buffet". I hear it's been rated a "10" by some major food critics. Just lookin' at it through the window has me droolin'.

I got a chance to look at the menu and some of the delicacies featured are: Nike Nuggets, Ked's Kickers, Blackened Filet of Sole, Land's End Lubbers, Merrell's Meatballs. I'm not sure what it's called but there looks to be a sweet pink confection of a dessert that I can hardly wait for us to sink our teeth into. The only thing I was hopin' they'd have and don't is Hard Shelled Clogs. I know how much Truffles loves them so I spoke to the proprietor and she said there is a good chance she will be adding them soon. Hopefully before Truffles reads this and hops a fast bound train headed south. In the meantime Ms. Truffles, thanks so much for my wonderful gift box-it ROCKED!!!

So there it is - the highlight of my weekend. Now it's time to bear down and get the old snooter back to the grindstone.
Hope this week treats you all very well, body and sole.
Chester :0=)


Cocorue said...

my dear buddy, i've always suspected that there is this thingey going on between you and that kitty griller; now i KNOW...

as your friend, it looks like i really have to look out for you...bol....

mumsy was rolling on the floor like i've never seen before and wetting my outfit, i thought she had peed on me.

have a great week and you're sure you're in love and not lust????
your little protector

Life With Dogs said...

LOLOL! Body and sole!! That shoe bar is the final straw. I don't think Truffles will be contained much longer. Especially since she has caught wind of the Godiva threat. ;)
I'm seriously digging the groundhog with the wet look. If he starts singing Maggie Mae feel free to get him booked in Vegas and I'll send another.

More to follow Chester. Much more. :)

The Thundering Herd said...

The groundhog has certainly learned of the wet look. At least it is still intact!

Elizabeth said...

This all sounds very interesting!!

Elizabeth & Luna

Holly said...

Holy Cow you were busy this weekend! No wonder you weren't on FB!

And, I couldn't help but notice that you went immediately for the business end of that stuffie. I suppose in lieu of going to the business end of Ms. Godiva!

Nika + PARKER said...

Hey Handsome lookalike - Mr. Groundhog stuffy looks great after playtime - he needed to be roughed up a little.

Stella said...

Oh, Chester!

You said"Can't say that Truffle's idea of suffocatin' the little rodents along with her rusty scissors comment doesn't concern me just a little bit about the mental stability of my life partner". May I seriously suggest you also look into Her FAMILY BACKGROUND. You might find that even a little scarier!



ajordan said...

LOL, Chester! You have surely hit the jackpot with Truffles! I wouldn't be sniffin' around the Godiva bitch too much! You know what they say about a woman scorned.... ;)
Love the Shoe Bar and the punked out Groundhog stuffie!

Scout 'n Freyja said...

We is thinkin' that you really made a good haul. That groundhog could come live at our place cuz we don't pull the guts out of our stuffies☺

Kori said...

Awww Chesty....she loves you, she really loves you. You sure are a lucky dog. I love your video!!I know it is not your fault that you are soooo darn cute, but watch out for those other women. They know how to set traps you know!

Budrow Wilson Spain said...

Rusty scissors and suffocation now that is a REAL woman! Chester you will have you hands full with that one! I just spent the best 15 minuets of my day so far reading this Thanks!!

Gus, Louie and Callie said...

What a nice gift you got. You sure showed that stuffie who was boss..

Big Sloppy Kisses
Gus, Louie and Callie

Cocorue said...

hey bud, come visit.....i just tagged you to be my partner in crime....

Ms. ~K said...

Hey Chester, Looks like you're trying to neuter the groundhog!
Wrooo wrooo!

Jan said...

Wow, I'm sorry I didn't see this blog post until today! But better late than never, I guess.

What a thoughtful and sweet package dear Truffles sent you! And I still remember the wonderful package that you sent her not so very long ago.

You two are clearly meant for each other. . .Yes, you are truly soulmates. (Ahem . .or should I say solemates?).

Have a great day.

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