Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Summer 2009 Update

Summertime and the livin' is BUSY! Whassup Dawgs? I'm sure you're all takin' advantage of this great weather we've been havin'-although as I watch the Weather Channel, many of you have been dealin' with rain. Sorry 'bout your luck 'cuz it just couldn't be any better this summer. Blue skies, mild temps, cool breezes-just right for opening the windows and lettin' the night air wash over your tired bones. It's been awhile since I've had a "real" post so I'll do a little catchin' up here.

You may remember seein' Grandma at my football game the other Sunday. She has now returned to her homeland but not before passin' down a family heirloom to me.

I was humbled as she gave me her scarf which has been in the family for years. I will treasure it and wear it on special occassions only. I thought it would be great to wear to formal events such as when Truffles and I attend black tie dinners and when she makes me go to the opera. (Yeah, I do opera but only because I'll do anything for a Chocolate kiss from her. Her cat crunchy breath really turns me on.)  Anyway Grandma, thank you from the bottom of my chocolate heart.

My Uncle John needed dirt to backfill some new sidewalks he poured at his house. Dad loaded the dirt with the tractor and I did the inspection so that he was safe on the road.

According to my calculations the weight has been evenly distributed....

.... so I gave my stamp of approval so he could take his load on the road.

I've also been keepin' an eye on the red raspberries. Mom is fanatical about makin' sure she knows when these are ready. She eats them with her yogurt and Kashi cereal every day so we need to be out there pickin' as soon as they look like this:

Of course, first and foremost there is always my job of homeland security. Not only do I scan the perimeters constantly, I also am not afraid to get right into the heart of the matter and place myself in dangerous outposts where groundhogs may be lurkin' about.

After a long hard day in the fields, you'd think I would be able to come home, plop down in the recliner, pick up the newspaper and take it easy, wouldn't ya? But Nooooooooooooooo, Mom has chores for me around the house too. Here I am doin' a taste test and havin' to make an important decision about what our pack eats. One is "regular" and the other one is "all natural".

I really can't tell the difference so I think from here on out, this household will be buyin' all natural 'cuz it has to be better for us.

I'm not tellin' you all this to make you feel sorry for me. Just givin' an update and lettin' you know this dawg does earn his keep. Startin' to think it's time to ask for a raise................

Woofs and all natural slobbers,

Chester ;0=)


Pedro said...


Good luck with the raise thing. My mom has been thinking she needs one too but so far, no raise... You sure do alot of hard work! Did you get to ride on that dirt pile?


Life With Dogs said...

I sure hope you put your pawprints in that sidewalk! Or maybe a CH + FP in a heart? :)

Holly said...

That's a great idea Nigel, perhaps one of your nicest in a long while! Chester, no raise for you. Ain't happening. Rory liked seeing you in the field. He says that should keep you out of trouble for awhile...but not long we know!

Nika + PARKER said...

Hi my twin! Man oh man, I think I should come to your place for the summer and we can hang out like real brothers. You can show me round, our summer is the WORST we've ever had from what Mom says. It's rainy, cloudy, cool, no sun, then the sun appears, rainy, cloudy...ok you get the idea. Well, I LOVE peanut butter too I could help you out with that job around your house!

Andrea said...


It looks like you have been very busy. I am glad you were able to snag some yummy peanut butter. Sometimes, my Mom lets me have some as a treat, too.
Woofs and Wags,

Painter Pack said...

Poor Chester!! Woo is busy and working hard!! Perhaps woo should stay away from a certain Buggers??? Cause I wouldn't want woo to get in trouble with Truffles!!! I thinks woo look grand in the scarf...glad woo took it off before the dirt had to be examined!!! Woo's a good boy!!


Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

I feel your pain!

I've been modelling and posing my floofy tail off yet my take home pay has NOT inkhreased!

Maybe we need to go on strike?


cubbieduke said...

Hi ya Chester :)

Cubbieduke here, I see that you have a lot going on today. As for me, nada! Pretty quiet for me today. You are quite the Chocolate boy, I always said, Chocolate Labs are the most handsome. Peace out

Budrow Wilson Spain said...

"All Natural Jiff" how cool! I have yet to see in the stores out here. I prefer creamy Jiff and that is what my mommy buy me. I will send her out to get some of the "All Natural Jiff" cause like you said it has to be better for us! Thanks for the consumer recommendation Chester!

I am sure jealous at all the fun you have. I cannot wait to have a big place of my own!
Later My Brown Friend!

Team 3 Dawg Flite said...

Chester, you always have so much fun! I love peanut butter also. My only problem is sharing the empty jar with two our Labrador Retrievers! The scarf looks great on you....you handsome dude! Love, Sally

Gus, Louie and Callie said...

Mom sure is lucky to have you looking after her raspberries and taste testing the peanut butter..
Awesome scarf you got from Grandma..

Big Sloppy Kisses
Gus, Louie and Callie


Test Tasting is the most important jobs. I'm sure you'd tell me by your lips are probably glued together now.

PS... you sport that bandana/scarf quite nicely... you even wear it like an old lady.

Scout 'n Freyja said...

My goodness you are a busy boy. All that work made us tired...we're gonna go take a nap☺

Kori said...

Love love love the black bandana!! I think it is my new favorite for you!! I am so glad you go to the Opera!! I love it!
Great job on the dirt!
Raspberries are my FAVORITE!! YUM!
You sure are a lucky dog getting to taste test PB!

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