Sunday, June 28, 2009

Got Chocolate?

Hey Gang! Whassup? I hope you all are having a really great weekend. I know it's rare for me to post on Sunday but I had such a fun time today that I wanted to throw it on here as soon as I could. Mom and Dad took me to Codurus State Park today where they were havin' a big shindig known as Summer Blast. There was Dock Diving but I didn't sign up for it. I was hopin' maybe there would be time for me to do a couple practice jumps between waves, but there was alot of dogs already signed up. We just decided to find a nice spot and I let Mom and Dad throw my Wubba in so I could swim out and retrieve it.
Here's a little video so you can see me in action.

I did that over and over and over and get the picture. I'd still be doin' it if Mom and Dad hadn't decided to go stuff their faces, which was quite alright with me because I managed to land some of their grub. It takes concentration and practice but I think if you study my face and learn to copy it, you too can con a 2 legger into sharing their bounty!

This is my "I really, really like BBQ chicken" face.
It looks very similar to my "I never had funnel cake before but I think I would like to try some" face. Look closely, it's all in the tilt of my noggin'.

Everywhere you looked there was dogs of all shapes and sizes but there was a large number of us labradors, and probably the most chocolate labs I've ever seen in one place. Mom was in her glory and even played with a group of chocolate puppies. For a second or two, I thought I might gain a brother but, no such luck. ;0=(

Here's the official dock just like the one I jumped off of at Harrisburg awhile back.

There was much peemail to check out and I responded with quite a bit of my own.

This picture I really would rather not post but Mom insists that I do. I mean come on! This is really stupid and as you can see I was not cooperating anyway. I am NOT a raccoon and have no desire to pretend to be one.

This one Dad caught just after I pulled my nose back and Mom thinks it's humorous. Whatever! Maybe he will shoot the darn deer standing above me next huntin' season.

The things I put up with to keep that woman happy.

Chester's Mom: Thanks Ches for adding those silly pictures. If you would have been still just for a minute they would have been better.

Chester: I only did it so that you might consider taking me back there again real soon.

Chester's Mom: It's a deal. We really think it's beautiful there and even today, there were not crowds of people which suits us just fine. So yes, we will take you back there to swim again. Just remind me next time to not wear a white shirt. It is now a white shirt with brown spots all over it.

Chester: You would think you'd have learned by now you're gonna get dirty around me. But remember you did get a new shirt from my buddy Chocolate. You know, Chip that's on Facebook? His brother.

Chester's Mom: I know, I was really surprised when Chip's and Chocolate's Dad came over and gave that to me. It's a real cool shirt and I will be sure to wear it. 
*Chip has his Flyball Master title but also does Dock Diving. He's quite the athlete!

Chester: Darn! We should have asked Chip to autograph it! I know you think 2 leggers with dogs are the best, but you have to admit, 2 leggers that Got Chocolate are the sweetest 2 leggers on earth!!!
Well, I've gone on long enough and I must admit, I'm gettin' very sleepy after my hard day of play. Just wanna say I had a great time playin' in the water with you today, Chocolate, and thanks again to your whole pack for the cool shirt.

Good thing I have a light schedule tomorrow, I'm not really up to puttin' in a full day at the kennel.

Woofs and sweet slobbers,
Chester  ;0=)


Tabatha said...

ha ha the "i really really love bbq chicken" picture is adorable!!

Holly said...

So, my dear Chester, Rory said, as we were driving through your neck of the woods on the way to Baltimore, "Ah think ah can smell the Grrreat Brrrownie an ah wish we had been able to go to Cadoros as we werrre invited..."

He looked very sad...but we did a good thing this weekend with my elderly aunt by visiting and I promised him there will be other meetings.

Meantime, I LOVE the picture of you hoping for chicken. And I'm very happy that you and your two leggers had such a good time.

Sleep well tonight. Rory will look to chat on FB tomorrow!

Mason Dixie said...

Mom says she would definitely give you anything that is on her plate. =) wish we could chase wubba's together.

Andrea said...


Sounds like you had alot of fun. My mom takes me lots of fun places, too. She hasnt learned not to wear white, either.
Woofs and Wags,

Life With Dogs said...

Not a bad weekend Chester! I'd pay money to see you go back and get a pic as a butterfly. Now are you sure you did not get at least one belly flop pic?

Kris10 said...

Sounds like u had a great time! Too bad bout that bro or sis. I am enjoying my water time too. Peeeace out bro.

Nika + PARKER said...

Yay my bro - you were really doing well there with Dad retievin' that thing in the water....i'm affraid of the water, maybe you can teach me???

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