Monday, March 16, 2009

Chester Wows Crowd with Record Breaking Jump

Ok-so this isn't what the headlines are saying this morning. But I did jump and from what I'm hearing not all dogs do who try it for the first time.

So Mom and I had been practicing in the yard and I was getting really good at staying-even when Mom would wave the toy. Then when she said Ok I would take off running and try to catch it. Well, the yard is alot different than a noisy building with lots of people and dogs and I didn't want to stay too far away from Mom. She would start walking away and I'd start creeping towards her as she tried to get to the end where I would jump. And then when I got to the end and saw that 24 inch drop-I thought "YOU MUST BE OUTTA YOUR FREAKIN' HEAD, MOM!! But the water did look oh-so-inviting. I wanted to, but I didn't. I was definitely interested. On my first practice jump I just about took Mom into the water with me. She was down on one knee coaxing me to jump in and I turned and started to go between her legs. OH MY GOSH-the look on her face was priceless! I rethought the idea of taking her in with me and put it in reverse. (She had already left me with the lady at the Humane Society stand while she went to leave some pee mail where I wasn't allowed to go. I was concerned she might leave me there permanently if I did make her swim.) Anyway, I did finally jump and ya know, it really wasn't that bad!! I did get a little skeered when I couldn't figure out how to get out. Those pool walls are just too slippery to climb. But then I figured out the ramp and didn't have a problem after that. So I guess you'd like to hear some results. I got 2nd place in the Novice division with my jump of 9.05' and just a pawticipant ribbon in the junior division with my jump of 11.2' which I'm pretty happy with. I think if I got to do this more often, I would become really comfortable with it. Still don't understand the ribbons. I earned them so why can't I eat them?

I really wish we would have some pictures of me to show you but since Dad was not able to go along, we didn't have anybody to take pictures of me and Mom. She did take 2 videos of 2 other chocolate dogs. I repeat, OTHER DOGS. The first one is similar to how I wouldn't stay at the back of the dock. But I didn't dance all over the place at the end like this guy. I just stood at the end until I got up my nerve. The other video is real short but it is similar to how I jumped, besides if you hit play over and over real quick it's kinda funny to watch.

video video

Well, that's the highlights of my Saturday, other than I slept like a big brown log that night!!! Sunday I was pretty mellow too until Mom and Dad took me for a walk and I smelled groundhogs! They are out there, I know they are. Soon I'll be changing that number up in the corner of my blog, I betcha!!

Woofs and jumpin' slobbers!


Nibbles Treats said...

Way to go!!!

Tinkerbell, Oscar and Tucker

Mason Dixie said...

Oh I am so proud of you Chester, maybe we could meet up and jump together. I love jumping off docks, trick is though for has to jump with me. he he. Congratulations, and you should discuss the ribbon with the judges, they should be edible. =)

Mason Dixie said...

Oh, by the way stop over I have something for you.

M. Tornado Puppy said...

awesome, awesome, awesome ... i'm dying to try this!

Joey said...

I definitely think they should make edible ribbons - hmph! Congratulations on doing so well - that top headline will happen yet!

See ya!

Life With Dogs said...

I knew you would do us proud Chester :)
Just a bit of advice: don't do that with a stick...

Good work. Next week you'll double that jump!

Pedro said...


Congrats on your ribbons. Jumpin into that pool would scare the dawg poop out of me! You did a good job!


giantspeckledchihuahua said...

congrats on your dock diving!!! those radiator hoses are at the auto parts store, sorry i should have been more specific!!!

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