Sunday, February 08, 2009


Hey Gang! I finally got to try my paw at Dock Diving. They sure named it right when they called it a “FUN” JUMP. I’m not sure if I ever had so much tail-waggin’, ear-flappin’, water shakin’ of a good time!! First when we went in and I saw all the other dogs and they were runnin’ with toys and splashin’ and chasing each other I thought I may have died and gone to Doggy Heaven. It seemed like forever till Mom and Dad unhooked my leash but it was probably only seconds. Here is me with some of my new friends: (Look for the handsome brown fella with the orange collar-that’s “moi”). a> My social manners kinda flew out the window as you can see in the picture above that I wanted to dunk some of my new friends. Apparently not everybody is cool with that. It goes so much smoother when you work together: Then after playing for awhile, Mom took me and my new purple Wubba to the dock. Mom gave me some last minute instruction: I must say all the studying paid off! Going off the dock was not a problem. Lack of confidence has never been one of my downfalls. So we practiced and Mom was nothing short of amazed at how well I would stay-even when my whole body was quiverin’ with excitement. (I don’t know why she was so surprised, I did pay attention last year when we watched the Keystone Dock Dogs jumping at the Pawsabilites event in Harrisburg. I’m not stupid, ya know). Now here’s where I have to let you all down gently. Mom and Dad are real special to me, truly they are. But sometimes they sure can get under my fur. I don’t want to complain but let’s just say that Steven Spielberg has nothing to worry about when it comes to Mom and Dad making movies. I guess Mom’s brains don’t work well in wet environments ‘cuz I don’t have a single good video clip to show you how I jumped. Here’s a picture of one of my splashes:
Now that I’ve teased you long enough, here are the official results of my two jumps: 1st jump- 8’, 9” 2nd jump -7’, 9” That was good enough to get me a 2nd place ribbon for the Novice Division. After receiving my ribbon, Dad took me up on the dock and set me back as far as he could and let me do 2 more jumps. Nobody was there to measure my jump, but I think I may have done even better ‘cuz I got up some speed. Mom tried to get a picture of me sitting and my ribbon hanging from my neck but I really just wanted to eat it. It’s really pretty but as far as I’m concerned if you can’t eat it, what good is it? So she waited until I took up residence on my corner of the couch and then snapped a couple pictures.

My dreams were filled with wet dogs and DOCK DIVING!
I would like to send a special thanks Team 3 Dawg Flight for all their instructions, I’m sure I wouldn’t a done half as good without your help. And also to all you out in Blogville for cheering me on. We met a really nice lady who’s black lab named Reggie is a World-class Dock Diver and she told Mom and Dad that she was impressed by my abilities and that my physique was similar to her athletically built champion. WOW! Not to toot my own horn, but I’m gonna take that as a compliment. It was such a great day, hopefully I will get to do it again. (Mom has secretly told me about some events coming up. OHBOY, OHBOY, OHBOY!!!!) I'm gonna try and convince her to quit her day job and take this show on the road!! Woofs, slobbers! Chester


Mason Dixie said...

Great job my Chester!!! I am so overly impressed with you and your skills. You will have to give me private lessons some time. ;)

Stella said...

Wow, Chester, I am so impressed with your dock diving skills! Do you know Minnesota has 10,000 lakes? I should be able to find a dock to learn to dive off somewhere, shouldn't I?


Ms. ~K said...

Wrooo wrooo,
That looks like big time fun!!!!
You're a natural!
Zack, Sassy and Buddy

Life With Dogs said...

Somehow I knew you would put up a decent showing. :)

I wish we had a similar place nearby. Sola would never leave...

Painter Pack said...

My goodness Chester! You had quite a time! I bet you'll be dreaming of Dock Diving for a long time!! Congrats on the ribbon!! Hope to see more pics when you go back!

Mya Boo Boo

Kris10 said...

Atta boy Ches. Looks like you had fun. I'm sure your humans were gleaming ear to ear. Thanks for giving mom some "dog time." She really enjoys that!

Nibbles Treats said...

WOW! Looks like fun! Way to go Chester!

Tinkerbell, Oscar and Tucker

Anonymous said...

Good job, Chester! Congrats on your ribbon - it's beautiful! All that swimming and diving looks like the best fun in the world!

Your pal,

Team 3 Dawg Flight said...

Oh, Chester!! I am so proud of you! I had my mom check the Keystone Club's stats from the Fun Jump, and when I saw your name with that 8' jump to get 2nd place Novice, I almost exploded! You better enter some events, or I'm gonna bring Spud and Hoppy up there and they're going to double team bitey face you. You could very well have your Junior Title by the end of this season. Congrats on a great day! Love, Sally

Chester's Mom said...

OH NOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Not the double team bitey face!!! It's like this, Sally, I don't have a problem entering, it's just getting Mom and Dad in line w/the program. But Mom REALLY had a good time so I will give be workin' on her. Pawsabilities is only a month away and I think I can convince her by then. Does a junior title have any kind of food reward? Oh yeah, I think I coulda jumped way farther if they would throw a groundhog out there! Thanks for checking up on me. Woofs and SuperSlobbers! Chester

Mason Dixie said...

Chester my darling, stop on over and see me, I have something for you. =)

Simona,Paco e Milo said...

That looks like big time fun!!!!
we're sooooooo jelous about your wonderful time....can we go with you next time????
your pictures are greatttttttt and you look soooooooooo gorgeous!!!!!
kisses ad licks

Dughallmor Beagles said...

Ooh Mason, is that you flirting? Shameless! Haha! Well done Chester, looks like so much fun and you did got a ribbon, albeit a non-edible one :o)
Hey, we could try that off Findhorn Pier....on second thoughts, we probably WOULD actually die and go to doggy heaven, that water's so cold there's blimmin icebergs in it!
Slobbers xx

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