Thursday, January 08, 2009

January 12, 2007 BC???

When was January 12, 2007 BC you ask? Well, that was January 12, 2007 (Before Chester). On January 13, 2007 I arrived to my new home. Since then it has been:
Muddy paw prints on the kitchen floor. Toys strewn all over the house. A dog bed in the middle of the living room. Hair gathering along the edges of every room. Slobber marks on the recliner ('cause Dad sneaks me treats when Mom's not looking). Candles waiting but never being lit (Lab tails and fire do not mix). Tissues being pulled out of unclosed pockets. Extra cash being spent at the vet or for new dog toys or for training. Lab nose art on the sliding glass door. An 8 quart horse bucket for drinking by the door. Any and all edible items kept to the very back of the kitchen counter. Rags for paw wiping hanging off the mantel.

These are the things that Mom and Dad never had to deal with until me. Neither of them ever had an "indoor" dog before. My brother from another mother who lived here before did not like it inside so he just slept in my room off of the kitchen at night and then stayed outside in his house during the day. The cost of all the things listed above probably is more than she'd like to think about but Mom says that having me around is priceless!

Thanks Mom and Dad for loving me and providing a wonderful home these last 2 years. I hope we have many, many, many more years of good times and good slobbers together. Chester

Here are some photos of me growin' up:


Kris10 said...

He's grown up to be quite a handsome fella. Maybe someone should let him turn on the charm to pick up a lady friend!

Ms. ~K said...

We share the same world of Labs...
Chester is a beautiful boy!

I added a link to you on my blog.

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