Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Let me introduce myself

My name is Chester and I am my Mom and Dad's pride and joy. Seein's how they chose not to do the human reproductive thing, I get to be a spoiled fur child. It's rough on a dog, but I'll make the sacrifice. Mom really wants to add another fur-child but for now, it's all about me!! I did have a fur-sister but she passed away in September. She only weighed about 3 lbs. or so and had her own apartment in the living room. Her name was Miss Piggy. I was fond of her but Mom and Dad saw that I never got too close except when I was sleepy and curled up next to Mom with Miss Piggy in her lap. I'm usually pretty low-key at that time of the evening and was done chasin' critters for the day so Mom felt it was safe. Miss Piggy quietly passed away in her sleep one day while Mom and Dad was at work. She had a good long life for one of those guinea pig critters. Now, back to me. I have attended Puppy Kindergarten, Obedience 1 classes and have been recently awarded the Canine Good Citizen certificate. But the accomplishment I am the fondest and most proud of is my Groundhog Kill tally. My first adult spring I helped 33-yes, you read right-33 groundhogs meet their end. Ain't nothin' better than stalking and then giving a groundhog a good shake.
I wasn't quite sure where to start with this blog thing but hopefully I have teased you enough to come back and check out more about me. I am gonna try and keep it fresh and exciting enough to keep you interested. Until then, woofs and slobbers! Chester

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